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How to cite VectorBase


Cite VectorBase most recent paper

If you use VectorBase data, tools or resources, we invite you to please cite our most recent paper:

How to cite a gene


Gene annotations

Providing in your publication VectorBase gene IDs allows for the easiest, most convenient and unequivocal strategy to identify the genes of interest, allowing other users to find your genes with text searches (tutorial). More information about the gene IDs can be found in this FAQ.

CSIRO and VectorBase


Do you have workshops on using VectorBase?


Host a workshop

We invite labs and institutes to host VectorBase hands-on workshops. You are free to select the topics you would like us to cover, follow this link for details. If you are interested, please contact us at for more details.

Attend a workshop

Follow this link to the VectorBase calendar of outreach events and find a date and location that works for you.

How to subscribe to a mailing list


An overview of the mailing lists hosted a VectorBase is available here

Not all three are open for subscription.

Do you have VectorBase introductory documentation or a tour?


Yes, we do. First, we suggest you go to VectorBase 'About' page, which gives you a quick and complete overview of data types and resources, with a Tour video and screen shots with sample queries and analyses, among other important information.

Can I use pictures posted in the Images section of VectorBase?


VectorBase has curated all available images and has included both the license and photographer into the image viewer on the site.

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