This assembly was generated using 101 bp paired-end Illumina HiSeq2000 reads generated from two libraries: a 180 bp insert ‘fragment’ library and a 1.5 kb ‘jump’ library. Sequencing template for the fragment and jump libraries was derived from genomic DNA extracted from a single individual, which was preserved by freezing at -80C. Native genomic DNA was used for the fragment library and whole genome amplified DNA was used for the jump library. Reads were assembled at the Broad Institute using the ALLPATHS LG algorithm, with the Haploidify option enabled to address high allelic heterozygosity in the template.

Genome Size (bp): 
Scaffold N50 (bp): 
18 014
Scaffold count: 
20 281
Release date: 
Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Originally isolated from wild individuals collected in Cameroon (2.378 North, 9.828 East, Campo, 2010), mosquitoes were donated by Carlo Costantini. The colony was not subject to isofemale selection.

Gene sets

24 Jun 2014
25 Feb 2014
14 Dec 2013

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