Annotation of the AgamP3 assembly was carried out by VectorBase. The set of gene models presented (genebuild AgamP3.6, released December 2010) combines manual annotation of chromosome arm 2L,2R & X, data provided by the research community, and gene prediction using the Ensembl system. Prediction utilised alignments of dipteran and other protein sets to the genome and generation of GeneWise models, alignment and gene prediction based on Anopheles ESTs, and selected ab initio predictions. 'Known' genes are those which could be named using entries from the community gene symbol database or from UniProt.


Genes Protein-coding Other
13,320 12,670 650


Transcripts Protein-coding Other
14,974 14,324 650
Release date: 
1 Dec 2010


As described in Holt et al. (2002), plasmid and BAC DNA libraries were constructed with stringently size-selected PEST strain DNA. Two BAC libraries were constructed, one (ND-TAM) using DNA from whole adult male and female mosquitoes and the other (ND-1) using DNA from ovaries of PEST females collected about 24 hours after the blood meal. Plasmid libraries containing inserts of 2.5, 10 and 50 kb were constructed with DNA derived from either 330 male or 430 female mosquitoes.