AgamP3.5 was released at VectorBase in September 2009. The same annotation is visible at EnsemblGenome from release 3 (autumn 2009).

Changes from previous gene set AgamP3.4

Significant differences from the previous annotation include:

  • Many more manually-appraised gene models, including most models on chromosome arm 3L and X

Details of genebuild

The AgamP3.5 gene annotation is an update of the AgamP3.4 gene set, replacing some of the gene models, rather than a new gene build, where all the gene models are regenerated.

Many additional manual/community annotated genes were available, making it essential to update the gene set. The newly available genes were incorporated in the existing gene set (AgamP3.4) as follow:

  • where a manual or a community model was available, the gene was replaced by the new model,
  • when no new model were available, the gene remained unchanged.
  • Genes might have been added or removed.
  • Conflict between manual or community models were resolved by a manual inspection.


Genes Protein-coding Other
13,254 12,604 650


Transcripts Protein-coding Other
14,753 14,103 650
Release date: 
1 Sep 2009


As described in Holt et al. (2002), plasmid and BAC DNA libraries were constructed with stringently size-selected PEST strain DNA. Two BAC libraries were constructed, one (ND-TAM) using DNA from whole adult male and female mosquitoes and the other (ND-1) using DNA from ovaries of PEST females collected about 24 hours after the blood meal. Plasmid libraries containing inserts of 2.5, 10 and 50 kb were constructed with DNA derived from either 330 male or 430 female mosquitoes.