Updated gene set for the new AatrE2 assembly. This gene set has the same gene content as AatrE1.6, but coordinates of genes may have changed as a result of the rescaffolding of the assembly.


Genes Protein-coding Other
14,080 13,756 324


Transcripts Protein-coding Other
14,111 13,787 324
Release date: 
11 Dec 2017


This assembly is a recaffolding of the AatrE1 assembly using in situ hybridization of genomic scaffolds and synteny information supplied from a preprint of the paper "Partial-arm translocations in evolution of malaria mosquitoes revealed by high- coverage physical mapping of the Anopheles atroparvus genome", Artemov et al, BMC Genomics, manuscript submitted. In all 201MB (89.6% of the genome) and 56 scaffolds were anchored to chromosomes, leaving 1,315 scaffolds (10.4% of the genome assembly) unmapped.