Release VB-2018-08

We are pleased to announce the August 2018 release of VectorBase (VB-2018-08):
  • New PopBio Map Pathogen View - shows the results of detection assays for various parasites and viruses
  • Many vector abundance datasets added: North America, Southern Africa, South East Asia
  • Abundance view has new stacked bar chart look (comments welcome) and some bugs relating to date display in the charts have been fixed.
  • A page to display select metrics and statistics is available here.
  • A major infrastructure update was conducted this release - if you notice any abnormal behaviour please contact us with as detailed a description of the problem as possible.
  • The PhyloCSF track for Anopheles gambiae has been retired
  • Search for variation data has been added in this release, along with a new variation tutorial slides and document including sample cases with demo videos.
  • Registration is open for the 2nd webinar series of the year, with eight 1-hour sessions that started on August 1st and will finish on November 7th. Apply for a seat in our final (in-person) workshop of the year 2018, the registration has no cost to you thanks to Dr. Carl Lowenberger lab at the Simon Fraser University and VectorBase. Visit the Workshops, Meetings, and Webinars page for more information about other outreach events.
For more details follow this link