New population biology datasets available (in PopBio)

Ten new population biology datasets are available:
  • Susceptibility profile and metabolic mechanisms involved in Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus resistant to DDT and deltamethrin in the Central African Republic (VBP0000178: details, map, 24 collections, 26 samples, 69 phenotypes, 5 genotypes)
  • Blood-feeding patterns of native mosquitoes and insights into their potential role as pathogen vectors in the Thames estuary region of the United Kingdom (VBP0000179: details, 2141 collections, 2141 samples, 1341 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)
  • Evidence of a multiple insecticide resistance in the malaria vector Anopheles funestus in South West Nigeria (VBP0000180: details, map, 1 collections, 55 samples, 49 phenotypes, 15 genotypes)
  • Combined target site (kdr) mutations play a primary role in highly pyrethroid resistant phenotypes of Aedes aegypti from Saudi Arabia (VBP0000181: details, map, 34 collections, 34 samples, 32 phenotypes, 45 genotypes)
  • Overhead tank is the potential breeding habitat of Anopheles stephensi in an urban transmission setting of Chennai, India (VBP0000182: details, map, 827 collections, 6306 samples, 0 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)
  • Presence of susceptible wild strains of Anopheles gambiae in a large industrial palm farm located in Aboisso, South-Eastern of Côte d’Ivoire (VBP0000183: details, map, 3 collections, 3 samples, 6 phenotypes, 4 genotypes)
  • Insecticide resistance patterns in Uganda and the effect of indoor residual spraying with bendiocarb on kdr L1014S frequencies in Anopheles gambiae s.s. (VBP0000184: details, map, 34 collections, 34 samples, 29 phenotypes, 18 genotypes)
  • Novel mutations on the ace-1 gene of the malaria vector Anopheles albimanus provide evidence for balancing selection in an area of high insecticide resistance in Peru (VBP0000185: details, map, 3 collections, 3 samples, 0 phenotypes, 12 genotypes)
  • Insecticide resistance in malaria vector mosquitoes in a gold mining town in Ghana and implications for malaria control (VBP0000186: details, map, 9 collections, 9 samples, 18 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)
  • Genome analysis of a major urban malaria vector mosquito, Anopheles stephensi (VBP0000187: details, 0 collections, 1 samples, 0 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)
3 projects have been updated (usually to fix minor data inconsistencies):
  • Investigation of genetic diversity and phylogeography of wild tick populations in North America. (VBP0000120: details, map, 72 collections, 82 samples, 0 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)
  • Insecticide susceptibility and vector status of natural populations of Anopheles arabiensis from Sudan (VBP0000154: details, map, 13 collections, 13 samples, 52 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)
  • Vectorial status and insecticide resistance of Anopheles funestus from a sugar estate in southern Mozambique (VBP0000146: details, map, 1 collections, 5 samples, 7 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)