Region in detail


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Region in detail allows you to browse genes, variations, sequence conservation, and other annotation along the genome. There are three main panels (or images), shown in figure 1. The first panel shows the chromosome or supercontig of interest, marking any haplotypes or patches in red or green, respectively.

The next panel is called the Top panel. It shows an overview of VectorBase genes along the chromosome or supercontig (depicted as a blue bar). The individual contigs that make up the genomic assembly are coloured in light or dark blue. Protein coding genes are shown as red bars, pseudogenes are grey, and non-coding genes are light purple.

The main panel is further explored in Figure 2.

The Main panel is shown in figure 2. Data tracks (genes, cDNA alignments, etc.) are shown above and below the blue bar. Tracks above the blue bar are on the forward strand of the chromosome or supercontig, and tracks under the blue bar are on the reverse strand. Reorder the tracks by using the vertical green bar at the left, or in the Track order menu in the configuration panel. Add or change data tracks using the configure this page tool button at the left of the page, or click on the track name itself.

To zoom in or change the display, use our zoom slide, or enter in basepairs manually. Alternatively, click any gene or transcript, or click and drag the mouse and form a box around a desired region to display.

Please follow this link for an FAQ with a step by step guide on what styles are available for the data tracks in the Genome Browser.

Please follow this link for a tutorial with a step by step guide on how to visualize and add tracks to the Genome Browser.