Bioinformatics Resource for Invertebrate Vectors of Human Pathogens
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VectorBase maintains a repository for published and publication-quality microarray and RNA-seq experiments pertaining to invertebrate vector species. Data is processed through a standard normalisation and analysis pipeline, which enables side-by-side comparison of results from a variety of experimental designs. While we check carefully to ensure that the biological interpretations of the published and VectorBase analyses are qualitatively the same, we advise users to refer to the original authors' data and protocols if in any doubt.

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Contribute and have your microarray or NGS data displayed at VectorBase! Please see the submission guidelines for further details.

Help and documentation

  • You can perform bulk data query and retrieval with BioMart.
  • Text file dumps of VectorBase's curated expression data are also available for download.
Genome browser

You may click through to gene expression reports from the VectorBase genome browser. On gene, transcript and protein pages there is a "Gene expression summary" link in the left hand menu. In ContigView (e.g. here), make sure you activate the microarray probe tracks by clicking "configure this page".

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VectorBase has developed an API (upon which this web resource is built) called GESOL (Gene Expression Simple Object Layer). The source code is freely available under the GPL.