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VectorBase is committed to a new release every two months. A list of changes and the latest data (e.g., current gene sets) relative to a specific release can be found in our release notes. Current and archived data are available for download below (an FAQ provides a summary of the file types).

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File Organism Size Type Description
Aedes-aegypti-LVP_AGWG_BASEFEATURES_AaegL5.2.gtf.gz Aedes aegypti 4.09 MB Basefeatures LVP_AGWG strain AaegL5.2 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Aedes-albopictus-C6-36-cell-line_BASEFEATURES_NCBI-101.gtf.gz Aedes albopictus 6.25 MB Basefeatures C6/36 cell line strain NCBI-101 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Aedes-albopictus-Foshan_BASEFEATURES_AaloF1.2.gtf.gz Aedes albopictus 1.98 MB Basefeatures Foshan strain AaloF1.2 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-albimanus-STECLA_BASEFEATURES_AalbS2.6.gtf.gz Anopheles albimanus 1.53 MB Basefeatures STECLA strain AalbS2.6 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-arabiensis-Dongola_BASEFEATURES_AaraD1.11.gtf.gz Anopheles arabiensis 1.78 MB Basefeatures Dongola strain AaraD1.11 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-atroparvus-EBRO_BASEFEATURES_AatrE3.1.gtf.gz Anopheles atroparvus 1.8 MB Basefeatures EBRO strain AatrE3.1 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-christyi-ACHKN1017_BASEFEATURES_AchrA1.7.gtf.gz Anopheles christyi 1.28 MB Basefeatures ACHKN1017 strain AchrA1.7 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-coluzzii-Ngousso_BASEFEATURES_AcolN1.0.gtf.gz Anopheles coluzzii 1.64 MB Basefeatures Ngousso strain AcolN1.0 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-coluzzii-Mali-NIH_BASEFEATURES_AcolM1.8.gtf.gz Anopheles coluzzii 1.76 MB Basefeatures Mali-NIH strain AcolM1.8 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-culicifacies-A-37_BASEFEATURES_AculA1.6.gtf.gz Anopheles culicifacies A 1.65 MB Basefeatures A-37 strain AculA1.6 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-darlingi-Coari_BASEFEATURES_AdarC3.8.gtf.gz Anopheles darlingi 1.33 MB Basefeatures Coari strain AdarC3.8 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-dirus-WRAIR2_BASEFEATURES_AdirW1.8.gtf.gz Anopheles dirus 1.6 MB Basefeatures WRAIR2 strain AdirW1.8 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-epiroticus-Epiroticus2_BASEFEATURES_AepiE1.7.gtf.gz Anopheles epiroticus 1.39 MB Basefeatures Epiroticus2 strain AepiE1.7 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-farauti-FAR1_BASEFEATURES_AfarF2.6.gtf.gz Anopheles farauti 1.75 MB Basefeatures FAR1 strain AfarF2.6 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-funestus-FUMOZ_BASEFEATURES_AfunF3.1.gtf.gz Anopheles funestus 2.07 MB Basefeatures FUMOZ strain AfunF3.1 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-gambiae-PEST_BASEFEATURES_AgamP4.12.gtf.gz Anopheles gambiae 1.97 MB Basefeatures PEST strain AgamP4.12 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-maculatus-maculatus3_BASEFEATURES_AmacM1.5.gtf.gz Anopheles maculatus 1.36 MB Basefeatures maculatus3 strain AmacM1.5 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-melas-CM1001059_A_BASEFEATURES_AmelC2.6.gtf.gz Anopheles melas 1.67 MB Basefeatures CM1001059_A strain AmelC2.6 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-merus-MAF_BASEFEATURES_AmerM2.9.gtf.gz Anopheles merus 1.72 MB Basefeatures MAF strain AmerM2.9 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-minimus-MINIMUS1_BASEFEATURES_AminM1.8.gtf.gz Anopheles minimus 1.62 MB Basefeatures MINIMUS1 strain AminM1.8 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-quadriannulatus-SANGWE_BASEFEATURES_AquaS1.11.gtf.gz Anopheles quadriannulatus 1.68 MB Basefeatures SANGWE strain AquaS1.11 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-sinensis-SINENSIS_BASEFEATURES_AsinS2.5.gtf.gz Anopheles sinensis 1.53 MB Basefeatures SINENSIS strain AsinS2.5 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-sinensis-China_BASEFEATURES_AsinC2.2.gtf.gz Anopheles sinensis 1.79 MB Basefeatures China strain AsinC2.2 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-stephensi-SDA-500_BASEFEATURES_AsteS1.7.gtf.gz Anopheles stephensi 1.63 MB Basefeatures SDA-500 strain AsteS1.7 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-stephensi-Indian_BASEFEATURES_AsteI2.3.gtf.gz Anopheles stephensi 1.37 MB Basefeatures Indian strain AsteI2.3 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Biomphalaria-glabrata-BB02_BASEFEATURES_BglaB1.6.gtf.gz Biomphalaria glabrata 7.18 MB Basefeatures BB02 strain BglaB1.6 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Cimex-lectularius-Harlan_BASEFEATURES_ClecH1.3.gtf.gz Cimex lectularius 2.2 MB Basefeatures Harlan strain ClecH1.3 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Culex-quinquefasciatus-Johannesburg_BASEFEATURES_CpipJ2.4.gtf.gz Culex quinquefasciatus 2.12 MB Basefeatures Johannesburg strain CpipJ2.4 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Glossina-austeni-TTRI_BASEFEATURES_GausT1.7.gtf.gz Glossina austeni 2.54 MB Basefeatures TTRI strain GausT1.7 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Glossina-brevipalpis-IAEA_BASEFEATURES_GbreI1.7.gtf.gz Glossina brevipalpis 2.03 MB Basefeatures IAEA strain GbreI1.7 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Glossina-fuscipes-IAEA_BASEFEATURES_GfusI1.7.gtf.gz Glossina fuscipes 2.63 MB Basefeatures IAEA strain GfusI1.7 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Glossina-morsitans-Yale_BASEFEATURES_GmorY1.9.gtf.gz Glossina morsitans 1.89 MB Basefeatures Yale strain GmorY1.9 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Glossina-pallidipes-IAEA_BASEFEATURES_GpalI1.7.gtf.gz Glossina pallidipes 2.54 MB Basefeatures IAEA strain GpalI1.7 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Glossina-palpalis-IAEA_BASEFEATURES_GpapI1.4.gtf.gz Glossina palpalis 2.58 MB Basefeatures IAEA strain GpapI1.4 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Ixodes-scapularis-ISE6_BASEFEATURES_IscaI1.0.gtf.gz Ixodes scapularis 2.42 MB Basefeatures ISE6 strain IscaI1.0 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Ixodes-scapularis-Wikel_BASEFEATURES_IscaW1.6.gtf.gz Ixodes scapularis 2.61 MB Basefeatures Wikel strain IscaW1.6 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Leptotrombidium-deliense-UoL-UT_BASEFEATURES_LdelU1.1.gtf.gz Leptotrombidium deliense 1.27 MB Basefeatures UoL-UT strain LdelU1.1 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Lutzomyia-longipalpis-Jacobina_BASEFEATURES_LlonJ1.5.gtf.gz Lutzomyia longipalpis 1.45 MB Basefeatures Jacobina strain LlonJ1.5 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Musca-domestica-aabys_BASEFEATURES_MdomA1.3.gtf.gz Musca domestica 2.67 MB Basefeatures aabys strain MdomA1.3 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Pediculus-humanus-USDA_BASEFEATURES_PhumU2.4.gtf.gz Pediculus humanus 1.69 MB Basefeatures USDA strain PhumU2.4 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Phlebotomus-papatasi-Israel_BASEFEATURES_PpapI1.5.gtf.gz Phlebotomus papatasi 1.18 MB Basefeatures Israel strain PpapI1.5 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_BASEFEATURES_RproC3.3.gtf.gz Rhodnius prolixus 2.28 MB Basefeatures CDC strain RproC3.3 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Sarcoptes-scabiei-Arlian_BASEFEATURES_SscaA1.2.gtf.gz Sarcoptes scabiei 1.02 MB Basefeatures Arlian strain SscaA1.2 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Stomoxys-calcitrans-USDA_BASEFEATURES_ScalU1.5.gtf.gz Stomoxys calcitrans 3.16 MB Basefeatures USDA strain ScalU1.5 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.